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LIP6 Database Research Team

The LIP6 Database team is part of the DAPA department at LIP6. The team has a long research experience in large scale data processing. Its research covers a variety of problems in distributed query processing, query optimisation and information retrieval for data-centric web applications. The main contributions of the last years concern query optimisation in publish-subscribe systems, data acquisition and indexing for web archives, distributed transaction processing and social web filtering and recommendation and information retrieval.




Amann Bernd Full Professor UPMC 25-26/506 01 44 27 70 09
amine.jpg Baazizi Amine Associate Professor UPMC 25-26/505 01 44 27 88 75
Constantin Camélia Associate Professor UPMC 25-26/509 01 44 27 87 42
stephane.jpg Gançarski Stéphane Associate Professor UPMC 25-26/511 01 44 27 87 95
hubert.jpg Naacke Hubert Associate Professor UPMC 25-26/507 01 44 27 87 61
Li Ke PhD student UPMC

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